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What is a Google Virtual Tour and How Does It Work?


Google Virtual Tours are 360° internal virtual tours for businesses.  To accomplish this we send our Google Trusted Photographers to each establishment to perform a photo shoot.  The photo shoot includes the panoramic virtual photographs and high resolution still photographs called Point Of Interest (POI) photographs.


Then Trusted Photo MD digitally stitches those images together to create virtual tours.  We publish these tours on each business location’s Google+ Page.  Afterwards this tour and the accompanying still photographs appear and are featured on Google Search Results and Google Maps Results.  The virtual tour allows online viewers the ability to virtually explore the entire business from the desktop or mobile device.


The Google virtual tour can be embedded into any website. Customers frequently embed the virtual tour on their home pages. These virtual tours can also be embedded into social media pages such as Facebook. The coding is similar to embedding videos.


The high resolution still photographs include 30 still photos of each establishment that are uploaded to the Google+ Page. Once the 360° tour is complete, the client owns all of the images royalty free and can use them for websites, social media, email blasts, advertising, etc.


Do Web Viewers Need Any Special Software Or Applications To View These Google Virtual Tours?


No. Unlike virtual tours from other companies, the Google Virtual Tour uses Google Street View

technology which works on every browser and mobile device in existence and does not require any apps or downloading.


How Many Businesses Are Using These Virtual Tours Now?


This Google product is sweeping the nation with hundreds of businesses signing up every day.  Over 110,000 businesses are already online with Google Virtual Tours including all 24Hr Fitness Locations and hundreds of competitor gyms in North America.


Can I Use The Point Of Interest Photographs For Other Marketing And Adverting?


Yes. You can use the Virtual Tour and all of the photographs license free and for any purpose. These photos are excellent for use on the Anytime Fitness website, social media like Facebook or Twitter, email marketing, brochures and direct mail.


Can I Embed The Virtual Tour Into My Area Of The Anytime Fitness Website? How About Other Websites?


Yes! Google Virtual Tours can be embedded into your location’s Anytime Fitness website page and can also be embedded into your social media pages such as Facebook. It takes less than five minutes. The technology is the same as embedding a video.


Direction for embedding the tour into the Anytime Fitness website.   Coming Soon!

Directions for embedding the virtual tour into Facebook.  Coming Soon!


Can I Use The Virtual Tour To Help Me Sell Our Fitness Center On The Telephone?


Yes! The Google Virtual Tour is frequently used as a telephone sales tool since prospective customers can view your facility from their computer or mobile device.  They can “surf” your entire facility online while you share with them all of the features and benefits over the telephone. This allows you to point of the features and benefits of your gym.


Can I Share Specific Views Of My Facility To Customers?


Yes! You can navigate your Virtual Tour to a specific view such as treadmills or free weights and save that view as a link. Then you send that link to your customer. When they click the link they are seeing the view you desired. They can view the entire virtual tour starting at that view.


Do These Tours Really Help Sell My Fitness Center?


Yes! Marketing statistics support photographic tools such as virtual tours:  FACT: 80% of Internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company’s product or services. (2006 Pew Internet & American Life Study).


Is A Google Virtual Tour A Good Investment?


Yes! The Google Virtual Tour surpasses all other types of online and offline marketing such as Pay Per Click and Banner Ads.  First and most importantly is that it’s a ONE-TIME COST product.  Pay Per Click Ads, direct mail, print advertising and other marketing requires additional money every month or every advertising cycle. The Google Virtual Tour is paid for once and lasts forever.