Get more memberships, with less effort

We partnered with multiple Anytime Fitness owners to add call-to-action menus, popups, and videos to our standard Google tour overlay. They all saw results within the first week.

“… we have made three members thanks to your menu guided virtual tour! They liked the facility so much from what they saw and came in!” – Will Bruner, Anytime Fitness King George, VA

“We’ve had multiple people come in and say that they decided to come in based on the virtual tour…. So glad we tried it and I can’t imagine a virtual tour without it.” – Eric S. Eskander, Franchisee 3 locations, MA

Take a look for yourself! 

Below is an example of the page we built out for Will at Anytime Fitness of King George, VA. You can see it live on his AF page at


Get a leg up on your competition 

This enhanced virtual tour is a relatively new marketing tool has only been used by a few large-scale fitness operations. As an Anytime Fitness franchisee, this is your opportunity to get in first and take the lead.

See the below chart to select your option 

  • Google Tour Premium

  • $700 tour

    $34.95 mth

    After setting up the subscription you will receive the discounted tour link

  • AF Location Name
  • Already have a tour

  • $34.95 mth

  • AF Location Name
  • Already Have
  • Already Have
  • Already Have
  • Already Have







Can’t decide what option is the best fit for your location?

Contact your virtual tour expert, Frank Clark at: