“Since people are looking for funeral homes on Google, how do you increase the chances that your funeral home gets clicked over your competitors’? You want to rank as high as possible, and you want to make your listing as visually appealing as possible. And now Google has made it a lot easier to increase the eye appeal of your firm with its Google Business Virtual Tours initiative. This is an extension of the Google Street View project where online visitors can virtually walk through your front doors and tour your facilities.” (Robin Heppell, the “Funeral Futurist”, 2012)



We could not have said it better ourselves, Robin. Please view the details below about creating a virtual tour with our Google Business Photos Team.


Why the Funeral Profession?  


During discussions with the “Funeral Futurist,” Robin Heppell, about how Google Business Photo Teams can enhance the funeral profession we discovered something – funeral homes are a perfect match for the Google Virtual Tour Program.


Our Reasons:


1. Over 5 million Google customers search the term “funeral home” every month


2. Providing visual access to your funeral home will address consumers’ needs while giving your business a competitive edge.


3. Each funeral home is as unique as the people it serves. A Google Virtual Tour will display that aesthetic to potential customers quickly and effectively.


4. Google Virtual Tours increase the amount of time customers spend on your website.  This helps them make personal  connections with your business, which facilitates a working relationship between consumer and business owner.


5. Our tours are so unique that customers will share them with  friends and family; building your funeral home’s good reputation.


6. Google is the # 1 search engine.  Therefore, creating a Google Virtual Tour is the ultimate way to increase your funeral home’s exposure to potential customers.



After realizing that our Google Business Photo Team would be an asset to the funeral industry, we decided to introduce ourselves by learning the funeral profession’s protocol. Robin Heppell helped us test the waters – he sent us to a tough customer known as “Mr. Non-Techie”, Ernie Heffner. According to Robin, if Ernie saw value in our work Google Virtual Tours and funeral homes would be a great match. Ernie was reluctant at first because he only went along with the experiment as a favor to Robin.  However, his attitude quickly transformed from reluctance to active support and promotion after he saw our process and its results.  After watching his Google Virtual Tour Ernie was nothing short of excited.  ”Unbelievable!” he exclaimed.  ”I’m very impressed!”  He then honored us with the official “Ernie Seal of Approval” –  letting his fellow funeral professionals know that our Google Photo Team is the perfect choice for funeral homes.


As a result of our innovation, Heffner Funeral Chapel and Crematory became one of the first funeral homes in the Google Virtual Tours system.  Its success marks the beginning of a blossoming relationship between funeral homes and our Google Photo Team. After working with Ernie, our next customer was Jermey at Kearney A Snyder’s ; the classic example of a traditional funeral home. You can see the tour (above) and also a representation how of this Google Virtual Tour appears in Google Street View (below ).





By making a one time investment creating a Google Virtual Tour will earn your funeral home the following benefits:


1. A professional photo shoot by a Certified Google Photo Team


2. A Google Photo Team Specialist to design your Google Virtual Tour


3. 15 Professional still shots of your establishment, provided by a Google Trusted Photographer


4. Free publishing for your tour and still shots on Google search, Google Maps, Google Street View and your Google+ Page


5. Codes and instructions to embed the above features in your Web Page, Facebook, emails, and blogs.



Due to our extensive training and experience, Business Photos America (Trusted Photo MD) wrote an official “white papers guide” for other Google Photo Teams assisting funeral homes. We are ready to serve the funeral profession.  Our company can dispatch a local Google Photo Team to all of the United States and Canadian provinces with specific instructions on how to execute a successful photo shoot for each property.


How can you arrange to have our Google Photo Team make a Google Virtual Tour for your funeral home?


The process is simple – Contact Business Photos America today at 410-800-0788. .  If you have multiple funeral homes we can do a group shoot to offer you a discount. By clicking the following link you can also get a:  $100.00 discount coupon from Robin by going to his site (click here)! On top of the Coupon Robin is offering, he will also create a short video of the stills that you can post on YouTube to increase your Google rankings.

If you have any questions we will be more than happy to answer them. You can send an email to Sue@BusinessPhotosAmerica.com.  She will be happy to answer your questions, book your Google tour, or arrange for the right person to help you.