It is now possible to dispatch Google-equipped Street View Cars to your new community(s). Below are the three plans offered exclusively by Business Photos America Inc. designed to promote and map your project as it is built out. Simply choose your plan, assign a contact person, sign up, and our professional team will take it from there.

  • Monthly Plans

  • Google Street View Car Visit
  • Add Street(s) to Google Map
  • Archive Historic Data
  • Google Team Visits
  • Architectural Photography
  • Custom Road Branding
  • Submit Street data to 3rd Party GPS services
  • Drone Panoramas, Stills, & Video
  • 360 Virtual Google Tours of Model Homes
  • 360 Virtual Google Tours of Common Areas
  • Interactive Virtual VR Brochure
  • 360 Panoramic Video
  • Free Oculus Go Headset
  • 1 Mile Leading Roads Branded on Google Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic

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    per month

  • Six (6) Times a Year
  • Premium

  • $Available Soon

    per month

  • Twelve (12) Times a Year
  • Platinum

  • $Available Soon

    per month

  • Unlimited

Building a housing community comes with no shortage of challenges. You know going in, that every home will sell, but how quickly? Slow selling homes can put undue financial stress on your company while quick moving sales can bring prosperity. Utilizing technology such as Google Mapping, Street View, Drones, and GPS services have changed the housing market. Not being able to update your property or show it off to potential buyers can deeply impact your sales.

As with anything, Google is a constantly evolving entity and as of June 1, 2018, the way Street View gathers its data is changing. Business Photos America Inc. has been a part of Google’s Business View project for the last six years and we are excited to be one of Google’s first Trusted Street View Agencies to operate a Street View car. Instead of waiting for the three years Google update (assuming they get to your street), it is now possible to update your community’s maps and images every month. Please look over what is now possible below and let’s talk about how these changes can push your sales into a quicker turnover.

On call Street View dispatch
Problem: Street View cars were not available for dispatch, and there was no way to request one visit your community until now. This has left the housing market without street view unless a Street View car came through (and that’s IF the car ever came). Google had set their cars on a 3-year rotation.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. has been authorized to run and dispatch a Google car. This will allow us to serve you, our customer, on an as-needed basis.

Street View Scan of streets on intervals with Google Maps with Maps blueline showing progress (no longer waiting 3 years)
Problem: A housing development changes quickly as it is built. 3 years is a long time to show an outdated community taken at a random time on Google Maps.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. can now come on a monthly schedule with the Streetview car. This will result in up to date map images showing real progress for potential customers.

Insert new Branded Streets and addresses on Google maps as they are built
Problem: New roads and addresses in a new community were not searchable on Google Maps and associated Google GPS services until the community was updated (As long as 3 years) so potential customers could not find the community or locations within.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. can scan and add the roads in real time as they are built, even if they are still dirt, showing the progress. Google will acquire addresses from the images as they are visually added on the street. This can happen on a monthly basis

Send the street data to the other GPS services
Problem: GPS services take a while to propagate and can hinder a community until the data is strong and verifiable. It could take years to make this happen.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. is able to take the data and submit it not only to Google but to the car manufactures, Apple, Bing, Garmin and a host of other stand-alone GPS devices. When the customer updates the GPS, the communities will be covered. Most customers use cell sites such as Google, Apple, and Waze, they will be up to date as soon as we submit the data.

Your company branding on all paid Google map panoramas
Problem: Before June 1, 2018, advertising was not allowed on panoramas on Google Maps. So you could not push your brand.
Solution: As a company, you now have the ability to place a sponsored by (your logo) in the Google Map imagery. You can sponsor a highway(s) around your community so people see your brand right on Google maps. Your Community images will also show your logo.

Aerial photos and 360 panoramas of the community
Problem: People are visual, they want to see what a community looks like, what is around, they want updated imagery.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. an FAA certified drone company will come out on a regular schedule and do drone imagery, flat work, 360 panoramas, and video. This will give a potential customer an updated view of exactly what is happening in the community they are considering living in.

Branded 360 Photo Tours of model homes on google maps
Problem: Lack of up to date quality images or poor images hurt a potential sale. People demand top-level imagery to bring them in for a further look.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. will do a 360 virtual tour of your model homes so customers will see what you have to offer in an interactive self-controlled environment. This tour is hosted as an integral part of Google Maps and can also be put directly into your website. They see what interest them.

360 photo tours of any community buildings on Google maps
Problem: Lack of up to date quality images or poor images hurt a potential sale. People demand top-level imagery to bring them in for a further look. Community assets are a big reason people move to an area, they need to be shown in the most positive way possible.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. will do a 360 virtual tour of your community assets so customers will see what you have to offer in an interactive self-controlled environment. Again they see what interest them.

YouTube commercials showing off the community and homes.
Problem: Keeping up with changes can be difficult, keeping up with visual media can be even harder. A web search should show every aspect of a community, Words, Photos, Tours, Maps, and Video.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. can shoot Youtube commercials using the above elements. From a basic show the place off to a full-on production with professional actors we have you covered.

Menu driven overlay showing off the community using all of the above elements.
Problem: Have data like written information, photos, 360 panoramas, Video, audio, roads. In the end, it is just data. You can display it and that is good although you need to control the narrative.
Solution: Business Photos America can bring all of your data into a neat menu driven package, pop-ups showing features, text, video, audio, etc. Let the customer explore while getting the information you want them to have. In essence, an interactive brochure featuring all of the above elements, with the call to actions throughout.

Historical Data
Problem: As a housing project advances it can be good to have a visual record of the past.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. while scanning a community will archive old imagery and supply it in a neat searchable package by Time, Date, and Location. Giving the master company a solid record of exactly what transpired in a community at any known date and time.

Corporate Oversight Of Project
Problem: Not having the ability to see the exact progress from any level of management at a simple glance.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. gives a solid window of what level of progress a project is at, not just for the public, the whole company can verify a project is running on time and on schedule visually from any workstation or smartphone.

Architectural Photography
Problem: Getting a professional Photography team to a location can be a difficult proposition and can utilize a lot of time, money, and energy.
Solution: Business Photos America Inc. will deliver a professional photography team to each community on a set schedule to capture all the photos needed to successfully market the project. You can direct what photos you need for each visit, or give a general ongoing order for all of the communities.