“With more than 5 million people researching childcare centers on Google, how do you increase the chances of them choosing your facility?  How do you engage parents and keep them on your website? Each childcare facility is unique; a Google Virtual Tour displays those specific qualities and publicizes your establishment’s professional qualities on the world’s largest search engine.  Through the Google Business Photos program  parents can walk through your front doors and evaluate your services from the comfort of their own homes.

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Why Child Care?  

After conducting focus groups with parents and child care providers, researchers realized there is little opportunity for families to discover what these facilities have to offer without scheduling times to visit to each one.  Websites and photographs are nice, but they cannot convey the essence of what a child care center has to offer. In searching for a way to solve this problem, we discovered that child care centers are a perfect match for Google’s Virtual Tour Program.

This focus group revealed:

1. Over 15 million Google customers search the term “Child Care” every month
2. Providing full visual access will address parents’ need to evaluate your facility while giving your business a competitive edge.
3. Each child care facility is as unique as the people it serves. A Google Virtual Tour will display that aesthetic to potential families quickly and effectively.
4. Google Virtual Tours increase the amount of time customers spend on your website.  This helps them make personal connections with you and you facility, which creates a working relationship between these families and your childcare center.
5. Our tours are so unique that customers will share them with other parents; building on your good reputation.
6. Google is the # 1 search engine.  Therefore, creating a Google Virtual Tour is the ultimate way to increase your exposure to potential families.


After realizing that our Google Business Photo Team would be an asset to the child care industry, we decided to introduce ourselves.  As luck would have it, we received a request from Manisha Parekha, a Goddard School franchise owner who wanted to promote their new school. She and her husband Mehul are very proud of their school so we took this opportunity to work with the Parekha to learn about working with child care center.


We had a meeting to talk about Goddard’s needs and Google procedures.  Our companies have the same values when it comes to privacy: all private information is blurred and no children or adults appear in the photos.


Next we set a date.  We were pleased to find the school in a state of perpetual cleanliness, so no special preparations were needed for the photo shoot.  Our Google Photo Team arrived and photographed the school (including our standard still photographs of the establishment). We completed the job in less than an hour – Manisha was impressed.

Finally we uploaded these photos to Google’s system and notified Manisha when we published the tour. After seeing Goddard’s tour on Google properties Manisha exclaimed, “Wow! I love it – it is perfect.  I cannot wait to show the parents!”



We are now working to introduce other child care facilities to our Google Business View program’s professional photography and virtual tours.


Your Google Virtual Tour

By making a one time investment of under $1, 000, creating a Google Virtual Tour will earn your facility the following benefits:

1. A professional photo shoot by a Certified Google Trusted Photographer
2. A Google Photo Team to create your Google Virtual Tour
3. 15 Professional still photographs of your establishment, provided by a Google Trusted Photographer
4. Free publishing for your virtual tour and still shots on Google SearchGoogle MapsGoogle Street View and your childcare center’s Google+ Page
5. Codes and instructions to embed the above features in your Web Page, Facebook, emails, and blogs.


Our photographers are trained and ready to serve the  child care industry; we can dispatch our Google Photo Teams throughout the United States and Canadian provinces.


How can you arrange to a Google Virtual Tour for your facility?

The process is simple – just fill out our contact/booking form below.  If you have multiple facilities we can offer you a discount. You can send an email to sales@BusinessPhotosAmerica.com.  We will be ready and willing to answer your questions, book your Google tour, or arrange for the right person to help you.

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