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Why Should Car Dealerships Invest in Google Virtual Tours?


The automobile industry is a highly competitive market.  As a result, its wisest members understand that, when it comes to advertising, every little effort counts.  A Google Virtual Tour is the perfect opportunity to put your business ahead of the competition. Our services maximize your exposure, engage your clients, and boost your business.  Plus, you will gain all these benefits for one low cost (instead of adding another monthly bill that will take away from your profits).


Even More Reasons:


1. Over 15 million Google customers search the term “auto dealer” every month – a Google Virtual Tour will meet those potential customers’ needs by providing visual access to your car dealership


2. Displaying your venue’s unique qualities will distinguish your business among of the over 166, 000, 000 competing dealerships.


3. Our Google Business Photo team has extensive experience with multi-owner dealerships, so we understand how to highlight each establishment’s aesthetic and present it to their clients.


4. Google Virtual Tours increase the amount of time customers spend on your website.  This helps them make personal  connections with your business, which facilitates a working relationship between consumer and business owner.


5. Our tours are so unique that customers will share them with friends and family; building your good reputation.


6. Google is the # 1 search engine.  Therefore, creating a Google Virtual Tour is the ultimate way to increase your car dealership’s exposure to potential customers.


Business Photos America has ample experience in the automobile industry.  We have over 200 completed Virtual Tours for car dealers and auto groups all over North America and for every brand imaginable.  Our Google Business Photos team knows how to work with general managers, sales people, service managers, and mechanics to create a productive work environment and capture each location’s atmosphere. We have done photo shoots with independent dealerships, chains of dealerships, and auto groups like Mile One (which has over 60 dealerships in 4 states). Our record proves that Business Photos America understands this industry and how to represent its interests.


However, these experiences are just the beginning of our expertise.  To fully comprehend how we can advertise your car dealership you need to see what our Google Photo Team can do for you.


Honda of Bowie, an independent dealership  located in Bowie Maryland, is the perfect example of an automobile business that has embraced the Google Business Photos program and knows how to use it effectively.


Let’s begin the demonstration in Google Search.  Below are the search results for “Bowie Honda dealer” where you will see , in the red box outlines to the right (added by us for clarification) says “See Inside”.  This is a snap shot of the Virtual Tour As you can see, your tour’s exposure starts during the first search!



Google Search results showing the Google Virtual Tours



Google Virtual Tour displayed in Google Maps

Now we will show you how Google Maps displays a search.



Google Street View invites the potential clients in.

Your business’s Google + page (formerly known as a Google Places page) is the last Google property where we publish the virtual tour.  First, we install professionally shot still images to the top of your page.

A new enhanced Google+ page with professionally shot photos.



Then, we integrate your Google Virtual Tour on the same page to the right.

How the tour is integrated in your Google+ page.

These samples of our work demonstrate how our Google Photo Team takes care of all the Google properties for you, but we do not stop there! We also give you Iframe codes to embed the tour into your web page, Facebook page and other social media websites. You can even email your tour and link it to advertisements. Below is an example of how Honda of Bowie chose to exhibit their Google Virtual Tour on their web page.

The Google tour embedded into a web page.


Business Photos America’s hard work speaks for itself.  We have shown you how our Google Business Photos system can enhance your exposure with a Google Virtual Tour.  Your car dealership can reap these benefits after making a onetime investment to create an interactive 360 degree display of your business, after which you will own all copyrights to the photos and tours to use any way you want.  Now all you need to do is book your appointment, so we can get to work! We hope to see you soon!


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