Google Business View for Restaurants Full Barter

Restaurants are increasingly turning to Google Business View Tours to increase their online exposure on Google Search, Google Maps, Google MyBusiness plus social Media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Many others.

In a two hour window, Business Photos Ameraca Inc. can change the way you attract new customers. And enhance your media push with little to no effort from your part. 100% Barter!




The Google Virtual Tour allows restaurants, cafes and eateries to show their facilities online to web viewers on desktop computers, smartphones and other mobile devices. Once complete the Google Trusted Photographer uploads the virtual tour and 15+ Point of Interest still photographs to the restaurant’s Google+ Page.  Once online the Google Virtual Tour is then featured on Google Search Results and Google Maps Results increasing online exposure, search rankings and clickthroughs. You can also present you new advertisement on Social media!


Google Business View Embedded On Restaurant Website


Each virtual tour can be embedded into the company website much like a YouTube video. Using a simple piece of HTML code even an amateur can drop the virtual tour into the company website. Then online viewers can virtually “walk” anywhere throughout the restaurant or eating establishment.


The Google Virtual Tour Package includes Point Of Interest Photographs


Each virtual tour photo shoot includes still photographs called Point of Interest shots. These photos are uploaded to the client’s Google+ Page and then given to the client. These photographs are license and royalty free so the client can use them in advertising, social media, email campaigns and more.

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